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Air Conditioning

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Daikin VRV – THE StandardDaikin-air-conditionining-Logo

The Daikin VRV III series, is well-suited to cater for large-sized buildings. This air conditioning system provides outdoor units that extend air conditioning capacity up to 54 HP.

Leading the way Daikin-vrv4

Daikin again leads the industry by launching a new VRV range that is fully in line with the EU’s 20/20/20 policy. Revolutionary variable refrigerant temperature (VRT) control automatically adapts your VRV to your individual building and climate requirements for comfort and efficiency, thus drastically reducing operational running costs.




25% more efficient

VRV IV is up to 25% more efficient on a yearly basis while improving the comfort and flexibility features that make Daikin so unique. In automatic mode the system will go for maximum efficiency throughout most of the year and for quick reaction speed on the hottest days, ensuring comfort at all times while still resulting in an increased seasonal efficiency up to 25%.


A total solution

The Daikin VRV total solution provides a single point of contact for the design and maintenance of your integrated climate control system. Our solution can be used to manage up to 50% of a building’s energy consumption, giving you a huge potential cost saving. Therefore we have not only worked to make our outdoor units more efficient and easier to install, but also worked to increase the efficiency, comfort and installation friendliness of all other components, focusing on:The integrated climate control just got better:

  • creating optimal building climate conditions at the best efficiencies using the new round flow cassette sensors
  • reducing running costs even further with the energy management tools on the new Intelligent Touch Manager
  • highly efficiency space heating with the new low temperature hydrobox