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Combined Heat Power

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Caterpillar Ener-GWhat is Combined Heat and Power (CHP)?

Combined Heat and Power or CHP as it is more commonly known is the generation of heat and power in a single process where the heat generated in the production of Electricity is harnessed, instead of being released into the atmosphere, and used in the provision of heat or steam to provide heat to the end user as a by product of the Electricity Generation.

Efficiencies exceeding 85%

In many Electricity Generation processes the heat generated by the process of generation is not harvested and merely released into the atmosphere. Combined Heat and Power uses the heat by-product instead of releasing it wastefully into the atmosphere and thus achieves efficiencies exceeding 85%.


Significant reduction in primary energy usage

CHP provides a secure source of energy in a highly efficient process located at the Clients site. CHP offers a significant reduction in primary energy usage with expenditure savings to the Client in the region of 20% to 25% (depending on existing energy costs).

The process of recovering what is more commonly waste heat we can offer overall energy efficiencies of between 20% to 40%. Where your business currently has a high-energy requirement we at CHP Ireland can offer you very substantial savings to your existing energy costs. Where we combine these savings with other options available to you the savings enjoyed by using this system can be further increased.

General applications suitable to CHP include:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Buildings and
  • Industrial Processing Plants

For smaller applications we can tailor a system to suit your requirements.

Environmentally friendly

The installation of CHP is recognised by SEI as being a key measure in the reduction of harmful emissions of Carbon Dioxide, the main source of Greenhouse Gas emissions, whilst delivering the same amount or productive energy to the end user. It is estimated that for each 1MW of CHP power generating unit installed there is a saving in Carbon Dioxide Emissions of at least 1,000 tonnes per annum. There are further reductions in the emissions of toxic Sulphur Dioxide and other Particulates, which offer further benefits to the technology.

CHP is recognised as an energy efficient and proven process throughout the world and is embraced in many of the Nordic countries that see it a clean and green source of energy provision.