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Heating Controls

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Controlling underfloor heating


Underfloor Heating has become a firm favourite for those undertaking new build projects, and the benefits are clear.

  • No radiators
  • Even heat
  • Energy Saving

Deciding on whether to have underfloor heating installed is one thing, but deciding on the underfloor heating controls and thermostats is another. Read our Floor Heating Controls article and see what a Heatmiser control system can offer you.


Understanding the options

Deciding on whether to have underfloor heating installed is one thing, but deciding on how you will control the system is another important decision. Let’s think for a moment how it would be to have a single light switch for the entire house – it really doesn’t make sense does it? However, until recently, a single heating control would have been accepted.


Zoning the Heating System

Underfloor heating lends itself to being zoned, dividing areas of your home into separate circuits that can be controlled differently. The more zones you have, the more underfloor heating controls you will need.

Let’s assume you have decided on all the different zones in your home. There are the obvious zones, such as the kitchen, living room, office and bedrooms, but don’t overlook any en-suites. You may want to control the tile surface so it’s warm underfloor when you step out of the shower.


Control of your Underfloor Heating SystemHeatmiser

The more zones you have, the more important you need to think about how you will control the system. A heating control in each zone may sound ideal, after all it’s giving you the flexibility to control the heating and will reduce your energy consumption – right? Well yes, and no. It’s only going to reduce your energy consumption if you adjust the settings within the heating control regularly, to match how you are using your home. Walking around your home to turn down each thermostat on your way out really isn’t going to happen is it ?

A central control, such as the Heatmiser Touchpad offers central control of up to 32 zones. It allows you to place the whole system in to Away mode, placing all the zones into Setback mode. It lets you copy temperature levels from one zone to another and it reduces the set temperature when you are on holiday. It lets you hold a temperature in certain zones for a number of hours, ideal for when you have guests. All of these features are available on our free SmartPhone & Tablet Apps – available for iPhone/iPad and Android.


Remote access

Do you work away or have irregular work hours? No longer do you need to arrive home to a cold house. Imagine being able to log on to your underfloor heating system from anywhere over the internet or from your SmartPhone. Not near the internet? Well, how about sending a text message to turn the heating and hot water on ready for you arriving home!

Heatmiser Underfloor Heating Controls have been designed to give you total control of your heating system. It lets you control your heating system the way you want – central control within your home and remote control from anywhere in the world.

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