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CareChoice Nursing Home

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CareChoice Nursing Home

CareChoice Nursing Home, Dungarvan. Here we upgraded the existing control system.  The existing dial type thermostats gave no indication of temperature and whether the heating system was operating or not.

We installed new Heatmiser controls in the 64bedrooms and communal areas.  Within weeks the system had dramatically improved with rooms now maintaining the desired set points.

Following on from this successful installation we installed 6 Daikin Low temperature heat pumps to replace the existing LPG boiler system. With the existing 5 x 75kW boilers running to provide heat and DHW the ongoing energy costs associated were extremely high.

We replaced 4 of the boilers leaving one to provide hot water and ran the heating system from the heat pumps alone.

With the system operational from September 2012, to date the boiler has only been used for 5 hours to supplement the heating during cold periods. For this application the running costs associated with the heating have shown a reduction of 65% over previous costs