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200 year old farmhouse – Co. Waterford

200 year old farmhouse – Co. Waterford

200 year old Farm House in Waterford. Replacement of existing 35kW oil fired boiler with 16kW Daikin High temperature heat pump. The heat pump provides heat continually in the farm house through an existing radiator system.  No modifications were required to the radiator system.

The heatpump maintains a flow temperature of 45 degrees Celsius for the heating season and has reduced the running cost by 60%.

No oil has been used since the installation of the heat pump in 2012. Following on from the savings made a High temperature heat pump was installed in the Farm to heat the water for the Dairy process.

This maintains 75degrees Celsius in sufficient capacities to cater for the farm requirements.

The heat from the milk cooling system is recovered at night through the condenser unit to run the system more efficiently.