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How a solar system worksDaikin-logo

Daikin highly efficient solar panels absorb solar energy and convert it into useful heat. The solar panel is constructed with a single pane safety glass with 92% transmission rate and a highly selective coated aluminium absorber plate. The 50mm mineral wool insulation reduces heat loss through the panel, thus increasing efficiency. The highly selective coating on the panel surface is designed to utilise shortwave solar radiation and convert it into heat.


Solar panels to collect the heat

The pressurised solar system is filled with a glycol antifreeze solar fluid which collects the energy and transfers it to the hot water cylinder. Temperature sensors are installed in the solar panel array and in the hot water cylinder. The solar controller monitors the temperatures and determines when to switch on the solar pump. As soon as the temperature of the solar fluid in the solar panel exceeds the cylinder temperature by a predetermined value, the digital solar control starts the solar pump and charges the cylinder. Solar heat is then transferred from the solar panels into the hot water cylinder.


Daikin solar flat plate panelDaikin-solar

  • For pressurised and drainback systems
  • Highly efficient flat plate aluminium panel
  • 2.3m² net panel area
  • Solar Keymark certified
  • Installation angle 15-80 degrees
  • 50mm mineral wool insulation
  • Laser welded and harp shaped collector inside
  • Slimline 85mm deep panel
  • 10 year panel warranty*
  • For pressurised and drainback solar systems

* Further details on request

Solar Keymark certificationSolar-Keymark_logo

The Solar Keymark certification helps customers to select quality assured solar panels. Daikin solar panels are
listed on the Solar Keymark Collector international database.

The Solar Keymark was created to certify solar thermal products of high quality at European level. The Solar
Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, demonstrating to end-users
that a product conforms to the relevant European standards and fulfils additional requirements.


What do I need?


Drainback solar system

The drainback solar system utilises a thermal store for hot water collection. Water within the store is passed through the solar panels to collect energy and drains back into the store. This system does not require glycol or a solar fluid collection vessel, as the thermal store collects the drained solar fluid, resulting in lower maintenance costs.