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Enjoy Comfortable Heat

Underfloor Heating

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Perfect for heat pumps

Underfloor heating reduces the energy consumption required for the heating of your project by using low water temperatures to heat the space from the bottom up. Underfloor heating is a perfect match for heat pumps.

Comfortable heat

Underfloor heating brings the heat where you want it – all around you! The warmest part of an underfloor heated room is the floor and the area immediately above it, from there the temperature gradually decreases towards the ceiling.

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Benefits of underfloor heating


Over 70% of the heat from your system is radiant heat which gives a feeling of warmth far beyond what the air temperature would indicate.

Economically and environmentally friendly

Control is the soul of under-floor heating. we can give you full zone control over every room, by using the Heatmiser control system. This will help you to save money and the environment.

Invisible heating

By being hidden under the floor this way of heating gives unlimited new possibilities for furnishing your home.There are no longer obstacles such as radiators to think of.

Maintenance free

A well-installed system is virtually maintenance free and is an asset to be proud of.