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Efficient and environmentally friendly

Kereen is an approved dealer partner for the highly efficient and
environmentally friendly Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

The Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan heat pump range is suitable for small to large applications, be that domestic or commercial.
Mitsubishi Electric renewable heat pump technology offers improved energy efficiency that meets tough legislation to deliver effective,
low carbon heating and hot water.

How a Typical Ecodan Heat Pump System
Works section

Installing an Ecodan air sourceheat pump system in your home to provide low cost, renewable heating and hot water all year round is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Only requiring electricity and water connections, the ultra-quiet, low maintenance Ecodan outdoor unit is easy to install and can be situated discreetly outside your home or in your garden.

Ecodan upgrades freely available heat energy from the air and transfers it to the home to provide hot water and heating for radiators and/or underfloor heating. You can receive quarterly RHI payments for every kilowatt of renewable heat your Ecodan produces.


The Ecodan outdoor unit providesyour home with a continuous supplyof hot water via a dedicated hot watercylinder.

These pre-plumbed cylinders are specifically designed to integrate withthe outdoor unit and offer optimum performance and faster heat-up timesthrough the use of advanced plate heatexchanger technology.


Ecodan’s advanced wireless controller includes intelligent temperature controlto provide efficient, comfortable heating regardless of the season.

Fully programmable, holiday mode and simple room control all come as standard.

Control your home’s heating and hot water from your smartphone, tablet or computer via the internet with Mitsubishi Electric’s MELCloud app.


Smiths, Ardmore – Retrofit

This installation was a retrofit project for a detached two-story home 250m2. The installation comprised of underfloor heating, heat pump, and solar PV. The 3.3kw solar PV system helps to offset the electrical running costs of the heat pump system throughout the year, with an estimated overall saving of 30%.

Smiths, Ardmore

“Kereen did a great job advising us on the equipment, helping with grants, and installing our new Air to Water Heat Pump and PV heating system. Their responsive ongoing service support is very much appreciated.”

– Steve Smith


  • Energy-efficient – Save up to 60% compared to oil fired boiler system
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Grants available with SEAI 5-year warranty with Mitsubishi Electric
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low-cost installation
  • Ultra-quiet system
  • Generates heat even when it is -18°C outside
  • Easy to combine with solar and underfloor heating
  • Ideal on all new build & retrofit applications