Combined Heat
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Combined Heat
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85% efficiency offered with our CHP systems is far greater than many of the more
conventional sources of Heat and Power

Kereen Heat Pumps and HVAC can provide a cost-effective method of servicing
the heating and power requirements of all Commercial and Industrial Clients.

The Main advantages enjoyed by Clients using CHP power generation:

  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Conservation of fuel resources
  • Reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Secure source of Energy
  • Energy sourced from Bord Gais National Grid, where this is not practical or available this energy source can be substituted with LPG tanked gas.

Combined Heat and Power offers end users highly efficient sources of energy and by extension greater energy cost savings. The 85% efficiency offered with our CHP systems is far greater than many of the more conventional sources.

CHP systems also reduce the end users Carbon Dioxide emissions and in certain circumstances Carbon Credits may be available to them. This is an added benefit under existing EU legislation and forms part Ireland’s National Climate Change Strategy.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

  • Apartment Blocks using centralized heating systems
  • Nursing Homes benefit greatly due to the constant hot water demand
  • Commercial Buildings with constant heat loads
  • Large residential buildings
  • Gyms with heated swimming pools
  • Hotels also benefit greatly from using CHP as they have a constant requirement for heat particularly hot water

The full advantage of Combined Heat and Power installations is achieved where the Natural Gas fired systems are utilised to provide the end user with both Heat and Power generation. This is fully achieved where the Client has a continuous demand for Electricity and Heat for a minimum of 14 Hours per day and average requirement of 5,000 hours per annum. Gas turbine development in recent years has made the combined heat and power generation more attractive to commercial and industrial installations. By changing from separate Electricity and Heat Generation sources to a single combined Heat and Power unit based on your site, you will enjoy considerable energy cost savings along with a secure source of energy provided by a proven technology.

Join the Energy Revolution!

Did You Know?

With a CHP energy system you will not just make a valuable contribution to climate protection, you will also reduce your energy costs without missing out on anything! The highly efficient principle of combined heat and power makes this possible.

In conventional electricity generation much of the input energy is lost to the atmosphere as waste heat. In Ireland over half of the input energy to electricity generation is lost with the other half being transformed into electricity. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems channel this lost heat to useful purposes so that usable heat and electricity are generated in a single process.

In the right circumstances, where there is a significant heating or cooling demand in addition to an electricity demand, CHP can be an economic means of improving the efficiency of energy supply and achieving environmental targets for emissions reduction.

As energy prices rise, scarcer raw materials and environmental damage from air pollution make the pursuit of an alternative energy policy, often referred to as the ‘energy revolution’, one of the most important challenges facing politicians and society today. We are all called upon to do our bit to handle precious resources more sustainably. By installing a CHP energy system you are choosing to support climate protection in a way that reduces your own energy costs.