Underfloor Heating
& Controls
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Underfloor Heating
& Controls
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Create a warm and inviting home by utilising underfloor heating to
make your floor a large, comfortably warm and cosy radiator

Kereen Heat Pumps & HVAC will design a heating system that combines both Heat Pump
technology and underfloor heating making the system 100% Irish

It may not be possible to control weather conditions outside our property, but we can control and regulate the temperature indoors,
so that we experience a warm ambient comfortable heat 24 hours a day. Floor heating today is without doubt the most technically
efficient heating solution for the residential commercial and industrial sector. The various system solutions allow maximum
flexibility and adaptability to all types of buildings and construction requirements.

Heat Pump technology is the ideal heat source for underfloor heating due to the low operating temperature required.


  • Energy-efficient & low running costs as compared with traditional systems
  • Perfectly matched with Heat Pumps
  • No architectural limits – total freedom in furnishing a room or buildings
  • Tailored temperature control and uniform distribution
  • Reduced dust circulation and increased safety – child friendly
  • Comfort & warm floors

Heatmiser Controls

Heatmiser Underfloor Heating Controls have been designed to give you total control of your heating system. It lets you control your heating system the way you want – central control within your home and remote control from anywhere in the world.

A central control, such as the Heatmiser Touchpad offers central control of up to 32 zones. It allows you to place the whole system into Away mode, placing all the zones into Setback mode. It lets you copy temperature levels from one zone to another and it reduces the set temperature when you are on holiday. It lets you hold a temperature in certain zones for a number of hours, ideal for when you have guests.

All of these features are available on Heatmiser’s free SmartPhone & Tablet Apps so you can log on to your underfloor heating system from anywhere from your SmartPhone and you can even send a text message to turn the heating and hot water on ready for you arriving home! Giving you control and convenience through Kereen Heatpumps & HVAC range of Heatmiser products.