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We believe a well-designed heating system guarantees optimal comfort and can be installed in almost any domestic home new build or retrofit.  The next-generation sustainable heating and cooling solutions are far more efficient and therefore very cost-effective. Installing a sustainable energy solution will significantly reduce the running costs associated with heating your home.

New Build

Deciding the right choice on how to heat your home and provide hot water depends largely on your property type and your personal preferences. With over 25 years experience, designing and installing heating systems for new build projects, Kereen will advise at planning stage which option is best suited for your home and advise on up front costs, installation design, running costs, maintenance, and maximum control and comfort heating for your property.

Tobins, West Waterford

“Kereen Heat Pumps & HVAC designed and installed the entire heating and plumbing system to a very high standard. The quality of workmanship was everything that we expected from John and his experienced team.”

– John Tobin


As we move towards renewable energy and the increased demand among existing homeowners to renovate and upgrade to a more comfortable living environment where 24-hour ambient heat and hot water are fast becoming the top priority in retrofit property developments.

At Kereen we have found that homeowners are now concerned about less energy consumption, lower running costs, and reducing the Co2 emissions within our environment. With the ever-increasing support from Government through SEAI grants for retrofit projects, new heating systems involve more efficient ways of providing heating and domestic hot water, compared to the old traditional ways of using oil and gas boilers.

Smiths, Ardmore

“Kereen did a great job advising us on the equipment, helping with grants, and installing our new Air to Water Heat Pump and PV heating system. Their responsive ongoing service support is very much appreciated.”

– Steve Smith